Lea and her tuxedo love bug

Lea and her tuxedo love bug

Lea is truly the best cat sitter. Our guy loved her and was always in a good mood when we got home when she took care of him. She also went above and beyond to help us with some behavior training. We love Lea!
— Angela P.
Leaving town used to be stressful, my cat is super shy and weird, Cat’s Pajamas does an amazing job and is incredibly patient.
What you get with Cat’s Pajamas is freedom. The freedom of knowing that your cats are in safe caring hands when you leave your precious children. I don’t trust my best friend as much as I trust Lea and her team to take care of my baby’s. They are true cat people and love cats, all cats. The hardest part of going on vacation is leaving your kids behind, I no longer worry or have any stress at all. Very reasonable rates and very professional service.
— Brad J.

About Us

Lea Fronterhouse

As a child I dreamed to be a vet! I grew up with horses, cats, dogs, lots of fish tanks and even a runaway chicken.

My first job was as a volunteer at the local vet clinic where I worked for two years helping with cats, dogs, horses, rabbits and cows, you name it. I've always had a close bond with animals and can't imagine not having them in my daily life.

Tod Williams

I grew up in Montana with all sorts of animals from barn cats to horses to field mice in shoe boxes.

My mother had a special way with animals and I learned by watching her gentile and nurturing nature with animals of every kind and condition. Some of my animals over the years have had health issues to deal with, so I am very comfortable with cats that need a little more TLC.

With 15 years of experience in the service industry we've always been the go-to house sitters for friends, family and co-workers, so in 2016 we decided to make it official and started Cat's Pajamas.

We are members of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) and am Animal CPR certified. We are also Licensed, insured and bonded.

Our passion is not just for cats, but for our human clients too. We strive to leave our clients homes undisturbed and nicer than when we first walk in the door.